devoted to helping lawyers start and grow their practice

3a. law practice management has helped firms across the country be more successful through our unique approach to law practice management. This tried and true approach is found in what we call the Lawyer's Survival Kit, a blueprint for running the most efficient firm possible no matter the size. With it, 3a. increases your firm's performance by using incentives, processes and technology to streamline workflow.  We help you manage your client data and case files in the most effective way.   We eliminate duplicative efforts and teach you how to use the computer to draft hundreds of pages of pleadings in less than a second.

You can even manage your entire firm from an iPad.  With nearly twenty years of experience only in law practice management, 3a. can improve all aspects of your firm to be more efficient and profitable.

By revolutionizing the way your firm operates, this means you will create more profit in less time.  Pass the value on to your clients.  Take more vacations.  The result is a law firm that you control, not one that controls you. It's your choice to be proactive or reactive in life; if you are ready to take the next step, explore the Lawyer's Survival Kit, client testimonies, and schedule your free consultation with 3a. to discover how we can help your firm be all it can be.

law + technology = efficiency

We teach how to use technology to erase duplicative efforts and ensure a consistent client experience.  

We help firms fully integrate their case management and billing software by creating easy-to-follow processes.

We offer in-house training on all implementations.   This mean little to no downtime for you.   

survival kits = peace of mind

Give someone a fish, they eat for a day.  Teach someone how to fish, they can eat for the rest of their lives.

Every one of our turn-key survival kits are individually tailored to meet a firm's size and practice area needs.    

We streamline your workflows, clean up your procedures, and help you keep talented people. 


strategy + analytics = growth

We place significant focus on saving your costs so you can make better choices for you, your staff and clients.

 You must have a plan.  This plan must be based in reality, and analytics show you what that is.

We're experts at strategy and analytics, and can help you become the same.